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Moving Supplies in San Diego

When it is actually time to pack your belongings to move, you will be amazed at the number of moving supplies you could actually need to pack all of your items securely just to move them from one place to the other! There is a variety of boxes in different sizes, which are a mandatory part of moving supplies; there are very large boxes referred to as “wardrobe cartons,” which generally have a metal rod in them for hanging clothes; and many other moving supplies such as tape and a plethora of various packing materials.

Generally, when it comes to moving supplies, there are four sizes of boxes available outside of wardrobe cartons and boxes referred to as a “dish pack.” A dish pack is a type of box used by moving companies as a moving supply that generally is equipped with cardboard dividers. These are important when it comes to packing carefully wrapped glasses, dinnerware or china. It can be used for other uses, too, though such as moving precious artwork, fragile collectibles and keepsakes and picture frames and mirrors, because these boxes are made from a much more rigid and sturdy cardboard.
Moving supplies include small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes and extra large boxes. Since there is no mathematical equation to help you calculate exactly how many boxes it will take to pack your items in particular, you will have to guess at first. But the good news is that there are some general rules when choosing moving supplies.

Assuming you have a three bedroom house to pack and move, you should probably start with the following moving supplies: 35-40 small boxes which are used for packing items like CDs, canned goods, files, and books; 30-40 medium boxes which can be used for items like toys, pots and pans, and clothing; 20-30 large boxes for items like bedding, drapes, large lamp shades and sports equipment; and 10-20 extra large boxes for items like larger lamp shades, outdoor items and smaller framed pictures. In addition, 6-8 wardrobe boxes would probably be appropriate when including them in your purchase of moving supplies. These can be used for other things besides hanging clothes, too, such as shoes, blankets and heavy bedding. There are many other boxes available, too, for things like golf clubs, floor lamps, and mirrors.

When you are purchasing moving supplies, don’t forget things like bubble wrap, wrapping paper (old newspapers work great for this, too) and sturdy tape to secure your boxes. Label the boxes carefully with a permanent marker after they are packed, too, and it will be easier to unpack the most important boxes first! Take good care of these moving supplies and store them properly and you shouldn’t have to ever replace moving supplies again!

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