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Moving Companies San DiegoMoving is one of the most stressful events of our lives! Whether your move is across town or across the country, there are many things to be done. The most important thing of all, quite possibly, is the hiring of a mover or San Diego moving company!

There are so many moving companies in each city, county and state across this great nation, choosing the right one can be very intimidating. In addition, moving companies are part of an industry that used to be regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), but that is no longer the case. So, when choosing a mover, you MUST do your homework ahead of time.

It is possible to get a moving quote from a moving company in san Diego online. There is a plethora of websites that will offer to give you a “free estimate” on how much and how long it will take to complete your move. Understand though, that unless a representative actually physically comes into your home and looks at all the items and rooms of items you have to be moved, the estimate is considered non-binding. This, too, can be very dangerous because once your items arrive on the other end, assuming they do arrive on the other end, the moving company can charge any amount they want to, despite the “estimate” you were given over the phone or online. Be aware, if this should happen to you, federal law dictates that you are only obligated to pay 10% above the original estimate at the time of delivery, if you have been given a non-binding estimate. For example, if a moving company gives you a non-binding estimate of $1,000.00 and when they show up with your things, they try to tell you that your items took up more room than expected or the truck weighed more than expected, etc. and for $3,900.00 they will unload your items, do NOT pay this amount at the time. The maximum you would have to pay the moving company at the time of delivery is $1,100.00, which would be the original estimate plus 10%.

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Possible Discounts – If you work for a large enough company where it is common place for employees to relocate, it is possible the employer may have established a discount rate for volume with moving company San Diego.  

 If your employer is not paying for you move and if you work for a large company, inquire with Human Resources to determine any savings or discounts to which you are entitled especially for moving in San Diego or into Sand Diego.  

Whatever reason you choose for hiring a San Diego moving company, always check their references and inquire within government organizations to ensure, the CA mover has all the proper documentation and licensing in place. Although a professional move with a moving company in San Diego will benefit you, it is important to do your research in advance.   


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Having said that, there are also many, many reputable San Diego moving companies out there and because of individuals who have been manipulated by the bad companies have stood up against the unfair ones, chances are you will have a positive experience. But, just for safety’s sake, try to contact a local mover – independent or national – and request a quote. Then, welcome the estimator into your home and gladly accept a binding estimate from that person. You’ll be glad you did!

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