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Whether we own a custom Corvette, vintage Impala, your old Mercury, or a lawn care rig, to find a place to store the extra cars is definitely a headache.


 Downtown office space, apartment living or a home packed with many stuff makes finding inexpensive parking space in a safe, a convenient, sheltered location difficult to spot.

Instead of taking up more space in our garage; parking lot, driveway or yard, we can add extra space by opting for self storage. There are many facilities that offer better protection and security from outside elements than your home or business property may provide.

Choosing self-storage space for your car, Van or Truck is thankfully possible with most storage facilities which offer different kinds of parking for your vehicle, allowing you to choose different security features, protection from the elements and price points.

Outdoor space and covered outdoor space– these paved or gravel spaces are suitable for large vehicles, storing stuff for a limited period of time, storing property which is not very valuable, etc. You must remember however that there is not enough security provided in such self storage facilities and these are also not protected from harsh weather conditions.

Drive up garage space – These spaces resemble a garage and provide additional security and a basic self storage facility which is not very expensive.

Drives up interior space – these spaces within a larger building are the most secure of the different options. Understandably, they are expensive. These facilities come with a heating system which is central thereby providing your goods with a climate-controlled environment.

The size of the vehicles, as well as any equipment or supplies you wish to store should be considered before storing. The dimensions of the door of the self storage units should be measured so that large vehicles can be taken in. If the vehicle is unsightly, the facility manager may request that you keep it covered. Most facilities offer covers and other packing supplies for convenient purchase.

If you plan to frequently use stored items like data, television or vehicles, you may choose a self storage unit that is close to the facility entrance for easy in and out.

While you store antique mirrors, paintings and furniture, it is necessary to consider the following: The right temperature within the storage unit. This can be achieved by keeping them under a regulated temperature.


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