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Moving continues to be one of the most stressful events in a personís life. Since 1967, it has ranked relatively high on the list of stressful events leading to potential chronic illness. There is much to be said for san diego moving companies who do a great job and even more to be said about moving companies who arenít as reputable. Despite multiple federal indictments against a large group of illegally licensed movers who were stealing personal items and/or holding the possessions ďhostage,Ē for lack of a better term, there are still some less than reputable commercial movers out there.
So, many people choosing to move locally or across the country choose to rent a commercial moving truck on their own.


Itís a lot of work but far more economical in comparison. And, you are assured that you will arrive at your new home with all of the possessions you left your old house with when you choose a rental truck!
Some of the top truck rental companies are U-Haul, Penske, Budget and Ryder.

 Whether you choose to research these truck rental companies online or by calling a representative to get an estimate, be prepared. Know how many rooms of furniture you are moving, approximately how many boxes you will have on top of furniture and large items (donít forget to include things like lawn tractors, lawn mowers and items stored in the attic, basement and storage shed, storage unit, or garage).

Estimate a little higher than you think and be sure to ask what all their quoted truck rental rates include. Is insurance extra? How much extra? What about extra charges for supplies like appliance dollies, moving blankets, the purchase of boxes, locks, etc.? And, are those items charged on a purchase and itís yours to keep basis or are you just renting them for the duration of the truck rental? How much mileage is included with the truck rental each day? Will you be charged for additional mileage and if so, how much? What about a deposit to hold the truck and how is it refunded upon return?
You should also find out how they maintain their respective fleets and what the repair/replacement process is, in the event of mechanical trouble during your move with the companyís rental truck. Also, if you should need to tow a vehicle, find out what the truck rental company charges for a trailer or what other options they may have.

There are many things to think about when researching truck rentals but this option leaves YOU in charge of transporting your items and making sure they arrive safely and in the timely manner you require.


Get your truck rental estimates in San Diego moving .org and you will get estimates from San Diego truck rental companies.


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