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When it comes to moving, there are many options! Choices are limited if you are moving internationally, but if you are moving locally or within the continental U.S., you can contact a professional San Diego moving company, rent a truck and pack and move your belongings yourself, or you can contact a self service mover. Self service movers are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons; the most common reasons stated are because of the difference in cost and the flexibility offered with these companies.
After you have chosen a self service mover, what their company does is they deliver a trailer or a container to your home and you have a designated number of days to get the truck packed to your satisfaction. Then, a driver from the self service moving company arrives to pick up the packed and locked (with your own lock) container and transports your belongings to your new home. Then, the container is once again left for a pre-designated number of days for you to unpack. When you are finished, the self service moving company again sends a driver to your home to retrieve the trailer or container.
A relatively new popular option in self service movers is offered by one such national company by the name of PODS. PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. Their original purpose when the business was started in the late 1990s was to offer storage that could be brought to the person wishing to rent the storage unit. Then, when the renter had the portable storage unit filled and locked, the renter would contact their local PODS office and a truck would be dispatched to come pick up the loaded storage unit. It would then be stored in a climate controlled warehouse, which is very secure, for a nominal monthly fee.
Shortly after the storage idea took off, PODS launched the second part of their service to individuals and businesses. The second service they began to offer was self service moving! The process was basically the same the storage unit would be delivered and you pack it, then contact PODS for pick-up. This time, the company would pick up the unit and either store it in the warehouse until time for the move itself, or move it to the PODS location nearest your new destination. In addition to being considered a self service mover, they also sell packing supplies and can recommend loaders and packers in your area, if you should need assistance.


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